Public meeting on 29th June 2010 in St Michael's Church

St Michael’s church was full on 29th June for the public meeting. There was unanimous support for continuing the fight against the plans for a  new town. The new coalition Government has said it will scrap the top-down house building targets set by the Labour government and allow local communities to have much more say in what . . . → Read More: Public meeting on 29th June 2010 in St Michael's Church

Meeting at St Michael's 3rd Nov

At least 170 people mainly from Martlesham Heath and Waldringfield attended. Slides are/will be posted on the Materials page. Click heading for more

This meeting was set up by a recently-formed local coalition named NANT (NoAdastralNewTown). Approx. 180 people attended from Martlesham & Waldringfield & other local communities, & from Ipswich, of which 171 completed a form prepared by the small NANT working group which recorded basic personal details.IMG_0076 All who completed it asked on the form to be kept informed of progress. Of these, 22 people (13%) offered help (unspecified) to the group. Plans & diagrams of SCDC’s LDF proposal on local housing development & the associated formal procedure had been prepared in advance by members of the working group & were exhibited in poster form in the hall. The first half of the meeting (A) was a spoken presentation by members of the group summarising & adumbrating these poster details & the work of NANT. Then the meeting was open for general questioning & discussion (B) & closed by the NANT Chair’s summary. Continue reading