EADT – SCDC Bosses defend planning services

Note that the LDF process was specifically excluded from scrutiny exercise. The EADT reported that:-

Suffolk Coastal District Council’s Corporate Services Scrutiny Committee met at Ufford Park Hotel in Melton, near Woodbridge, yesterday.

Members are currently looking at how the authority’s planning service can be improved and heard from a number of . . . → Read More: EADT – SCDC Bosses defend planning services

SCDC Corporate Services Scrutiny Committee

This committee met on 17 September 2010 to review the following observations from parishes about the planning process:

A feeling  that town/parish councils’ views were disregarded; A belief that consultation times were too short; Laxness in answering correspondence and telephone messages; Poor feedback; Poor enforcement.

Unfortunately this specifically omitted the LDF. Minutes of . . . → Read More: SCDC Corporate Services Scrutiny Committee

Letter to SCDC Scrutiny Committee from Waldringfield PC

11th August 2010

Mr R Beswarick-Asser
Scrutiny Business Manager
Suffolk Coastal District Council

Dear Mr Beswarick-Asser,

I am writing on behalf of Waldringfield Parish Council concerning your invitation to comment on the workings of the Planning Department of Suffolk Coastal District Council. This invitation said:

“You are therefore invited to express your own thoughts to the working party.  How you do this is up to you. The working party has no particular axe to grind, and nor has the main committee for that matter.  The main thing at this stage is to discover any areas that may give concern (if any) so as to provide solid guidance for the main scrutiny.”

Our primary concern was (and still is) the way in which the overall strategy and planning policies have been developed.  We responded to your invitation with 9 pages of comment, 8 of which were devoted to the way in which the Local Development Framework (LDF) was produced, in particular to the way in which key decision were made. No indication was given to us that this topic was not to be included in your remit, in fact the quote above implied that we were free to cover any topic we wished. Continue reading

SCDC Minutes of the Scrutiny Committee

The Minutes of the Scrutiny Committee are now available HERE

SCDC Scrutiny Committee continuation

The Scrutiny Committee continuation meeting finished at 5.30 pm today having started at 10am !  The most interesting part was the last 20 minutes when the Committee seemed to decide that they would recommend to Cabinet that the responses to the last round of consultation should be considered at an (extra?) LDF Task Group . . . → Read More: SCDC Scrutiny Committee continuation

Outcome of the Scrutiny Committee on 21 Jan 2010 at Trinity Park.

22 January 2010

After a long and energetic discussion the  meeting was adjourned at 10pm last night, and today it has been announced on the SCDC website (provided you know where to look) that it will continue on 1st February at 10am at Trinity Park.

WE MUSTN’T SUFFER FROM BATTLE . . . → Read More: Outcome of the Scrutiny Committee on 21 Jan 2010 at Trinity Park.