Mission Statement

NANT’s mission is to protect the quality of the environment and local communities in the area currently threatened by Suffolk Coastal District Council’s planning strategy and BT’s planning application. Their proposal is to build at least 2,000 houses on greenfield land next to Adastral Park.

We oppose BT’s planning application and the Local Development Framework in its current form.

We are working to persuade Suffolk Coastal District Council to use the opportunity opened up by the coalition government’s changed policies to consider other options.

We are not opposed to house building, but we dispute the figures for the number of houses needed. We are pushing for a reassessment of actual housing need.

We want to see the area next to Adastral Park retained as farm land or restored to its original heathland state.

We want Suffolk Coastal to distribute future housing over a number of smaller developments across the district, and better meet the need for affordable housing in rural areas.