No Adastral New Town (NANT)’s mission is to protect the quality of life of the environment and local communities in the area currently threatened by Suffolk Coastal District Council’s (SCDC) planning strategy and BT’s planning application, Their proposal is to build at least 2,000 houses on Greenfield land next to Adastral Park. NANT:-

  • opposes BT’s planning application and the Local Development Framework in its current form.
  • is working to persuade SCDC to use the opportunity opened up by the coalition government’s changed policies to consider other options.
  • is not opposed to house building, but it does dispute the figures for the number of houses needed near Adastral Park.
  • is pushing for a reassessment of actual housing need, based on an up-to-date assessment of what housing and brown field land is currently available in the District, coupled with more realistic estimates of economic growth for this location.
  • wants to see the area next to Adastral Park retained as farmland or restored to its original heathland state.
  • wants SCDC to distribute future housing over a number of smaller developments across the District to better meet the need for affordable housing in rural areas and to avoid creating a dormitory new town with limited employment prospects, located very close to an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and protected wildlife sites.

Our current understanding of Government Policy is:

The new coalition government has moved quickly to change national planning policy by removing the need for councils to meet regional housing targets, although this change is now under legal challenge from developers. A judicial review is expected to take place in September. If the new rules stand, councils are free to decide locally how many houses are required to meet local needs rather than meeting previously imposed targets allocated to specific locations.

Our current understanding of SCDC’s Planning policy (the LDF) is:

The next stage for SCDC’s Local Development Framework (LDF) would be for a planning inspector to test the LDF to see if it is ‘sound’ before it is formally adopted. The timing of this is not in the public domain, but it is understood that this process is currently on hold pending more guidance from the government on their new policy. However, in the meantime, SCDC has decided to adopt the draft LDF as ‘interim policy’.

However, before the election, SCDC had agreed to review the draft LDF in the light of any government change of planning policy:

“ in the event of a change in national policy and /or regional planning policy relevant to, and significant for, the substantive issues in the Council’s Core Strategy, that the stages towards the adoption of the Core strategy be progressed no further pending a review by the Cabinet of the implications of the changes to government policy on the Core Strategy, and the consideration of the Cabinet’s review by the full council”

NANT believes that this should mean that:

The Council should conduct a proper review of local housing need using the latest data of population growth and existing housing provision plus up-to-date and realistic forecasts of economic growth at the proposed hi-tech business centre to produce a revised LDF which is not based on imposed housing targets for the Ipswich Policy Area

The draft LDF (whether amended or not) should be resubmitted to full council for agreement before it can be submitted to the planning inspector for the soundness test. All SCDC meetings are advertised in advance via SCDC’s website.

Note that in the event that another vote on the LDF were to be taken at a full council meeting, persuading another 10 council members to vote against it would make it a borderline decision.

BT’s Outline Planning Application

The BT Outline Planning Application (OPA) is currently waiting in the wings. The old (saved) planning policy would not allow the BT plans to go ahead, but the new LDF does allow for 2000 houses near Adastral Park (exactly matching BT’s OPA). NANT is concerned that SCDC will use the Interim LDF to determine the BT planning application even though it has not been tested via the inspection stage nor formally adopted. If SCDC decides to do this, NANT understands that the OPA could go before councillors at a Development Control Committee in October. If that happens, any subsequent changes to the LDF will be too late to have any impact for BT’s OPA.

Since November 2009:

We conducted in November a survey on the way in which the council had conducted their consultation, here is a summary of the results and a full set of the comments made by those who responded.

We submitted in November a comprehensive response to SCDC’s Local Development Framework  .

Then then in January 2010 an Objection to BT’s submission a revised planning application.

Here are some of the statements and comments we have made, divided by topic,  about:

Housing Requirements
Environmental Impact
Local Democracy

All of our comments collected latest first:-


NANT Update-March 2016

Various actions have been taking place since the last update but the ongoing legal process has been rather like trudging through treacle.  Here is a brief summary of the last 12 months.

 Our case was heard by the Court of Appeal but its ruling in February last year went against us, even though the . . . → Read More: NANT Update-March 2016

NANT Response to recent articles in the EADT-March 2016

The EADT has recently carried several articles regarding Housing Development in the areas around Martlesham, Woodbridge and Kesgrave.  The quotations from District Councillors Holdcroft and Smith indicate that these councillors are suffering from significant short-term memory loss.  If not, then the only conclusion is that they are displaying rank hypocrisy and double standards.

The . . . → Read More: NANT Response to recent articles in the EADT-March 2016

NANT Supreme Court appeal launched

Read the article in the East Anglian here.

NANT Press Release 10.15am Tuesday 17th February 2015

We are very disappointed that the Court of Appeal has turned down No Adastral New Town’s (NANT’s) appeal concerning the allocation of 2000 houses at BT’s Adastral Park site at Martlesham as part of Suffolk Coastal District Council’s core strategy.

NANT had succeeded in the High Court in establishing that SCDC’s process of selecting . . . → Read More: NANT Press Release 10.15am Tuesday 17th February 2015

Update on the Appeal Hearing Jan 21/22 2015

The first day of the hearing was our opportunity to explain in more detail our grounds for questioning some elements of the judgement against us at the High Court hearing last February.  Richard made our case very clearly (to our ears anyway).  The atmosphere was relatively relaxed,  the judges appeared to listen carefully to what Richard said, . . . → Read More: Update on the Appeal Hearing Jan 21/22 2015

Date for Appeal

We now have a date for our case to be reviewed in the court of appeal – it will be on 21-23rd January 2015. We will update further when there is further news.

High court appeal – some comments from NANT

Lord Justice Clarke’s decision indicates that the issues raised by NANT have sufficient merit to justify examination by three senior judges in the Court of Appeal.

We feel that this vindicates our decision to start our legal action. We did not make that decision lightly but the SCDC’s intransigence left us with little choice.

. . . → Read More: High court appeal – some comments from NANT

Legal claim lodged against SCDC

As you are aware SCDC “adopted” the Core Strategy (CS) on July 5th. The CS contains the policies for the Suffolk Coastal District by which all planning matters/applications are judged.

The CS includes the allocation of 2000 houses at the site specific location of BT Adastral Park. This allocation matches exactly the BT Planning . . . → Read More: Legal claim lodged against SCDC

Bad News 8th June 2013

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news and spoil your weekend – the Inspector has approved the Core Strategy – see here – there is an article in the EADT online – it is also in the actual paper click here..

Having read the report, albeit very swiftly, we are very disappointed that . . . → Read More: Bad News 8th June 2013

January 2013 Update on Planning Inspection

There is not a huge amount of activity since the Examination in Public hearings which took place in November.  The hearings themselves were very interesting, the Inspector was very fair and gave us “non professionals” a lot of leeway in order to allow us to make our points.  It was the first and only . . . → Read More: January 2013 Update on Planning Inspection

Examination Calendar

Tuesday 23 October 10am – (all day) The Riverside Centre, Stratford St Andrew Matter 1 – Spatial Strategy and Distribution of Development Wednesday 24 October 10am – (all day) The Riverside Centre, Stratford St Andrew Matter 2 – Housing Thursday 25 October 10am – (all day) The Riverside Centre, Stratford St Andrew Matter . . . → Read More: Examination Calendar

Inspection proceeds

The  Inspector has now decided to proceed with the Examination in Public.  I don’t think we should see this as a signal that he is happy with SCDC’s response, but rather that he thinks that it is best not to delay matters any further and to test the issues in public.

We do not . . . → Read More: Inspection proceeds

More on the Examination in Public

Those who have made representation to the EiP should have received a letter/email from Annette Feeney informing us that the inspector has decided  to add an exploratory meeting at the start of the pre hearing meeting on July 12th.  This is because the inspector is still not happy with the latest reply from Ridley . . . → Read More: More on the Examination in Public

NANT update on Council meeting 26th April 2012

There were around 70 members of the public – I think all were supporters. The EADT was there, taking lots of photos in the hall before we started and we are on the front page of the EADT.  (more BBC coverage here). We moved inside fairly quickly as the councillors were going in through . . . → Read More: NANT update on Council meeting 26th April 2012


Many thanks to an eagle-eyed visitor to our website who has brought to our attention an error in the title below.

Those who read our regular updates will know of course that it is Waldringfield PC who have lodged the JR.

Please note – the following title should of course read “Waldringfield P.C. . . . → Read More: Erratum

NANT & Waldringfield P.C. lodge Judicial Review

Those who read our regular updates will know of course that it is Waldringfield PC who have lodged the JR.

Please note – the title should of course read “Waldringfield P.C. lodge Judicial Review” and not “NANT and Waldringfield P.C. lodge Judicial Review”.


The SCDC Core Strategy pre-submission consultation ended on March 7th.  . . . → Read More: NANT & Waldringfield P.C. lodge Judicial Review

Consultation guidance notes

Pre-submission Consultation on the LDF Core Strategy – guidance notes

[Please click here to view without the clutter as this is quite a long page.]

These notes have been produced by No Adastral New Town (NANT). Guidance on the mechanics of submitting your application are provided here by SCDC and at the end of . . . → Read More: Consultation guidance notes

Villagers’ protests still frozen out by Council

Update on Thursday’s Council meeting (15th Dec 2011)

Before the meeting, a number of NANT supporters formed an extremely well mannered (as always) demonstration to greet the councillors as they arrived. We were happily chatting in the sunshine when the local police arrived. They had received a call asking them to attend because of our demo! It’s flattering in a way that . . . → Read More: Update on Thursday’s Council meeting (15th Dec 2011)

EADT:Campaigners threaten to take district council to court over LDF

See the article in the East Anglian regarding the Council Special meeting on December 15th 2011

Open Meeting Thursday 8th December 7.30 pm

Please join us for a full update on the campaign to “Stop 2000 houses at BT Martlesham” at Waldringfield Village Hall Thursday 8th December 7.30 pm

Brocure and covering letter to Councillors

The brochure can be viewed by clicking on the image below:-


Open publication

Here is the covering letter:-

15th July 2011

Full Council will shortly be debating the LDF/Core Strategy at the special meeting on 27th July.  Possibly the most important Council Meeting in our lifetime.  Much of the Core Strategy document has . . . → Read More: Brocure and covering letter to Councillors

SCDC back down and return the LDF to full council

Following the NANT “pre action” letter from our solicitor and QC, formally putting the council on notice of the pending legal proceedings through the judicial review process, Head of Planning, Philip Ridley has backed down.

NANT said that the council had acted unlawfully when it decided to delegate its powers to the head . . . → Read More: SCDC back down and return the LDF to full council

Reminder – public consultation ends this Friday.

We are sure that some of you have battle fatigue by now and maybe wondering what new arguments you might use in your response, or even if it is worth writing at all.  Our view is that is most definitely worth writing in.  The council is relying on people running out of steam.  If . . . → Read More: Reminder – public consultation ends this Friday.

NANT on Sky News

Members of NANT’s steering group were interviewed this week about the BT development and the NPPF* by Sky News . We expect the item to be broadcast on Saturday October 1st. We were told that neither BT nor SCDC’s Andy Smith wanted to appear.  See sidebar or click here.

*(National Planning Policy Framework) . . . → Read More: NANT on Sky News

NANT suggestions for your response to the consultation

SCDC have updated two documents which form part of the Local Development framework (LDF). They are:

Appropriate Assessment (AA). This is written by Landscape Partnership on behalf of SCDC, and assesses the LDF Core Strategy and the policies it contains, to see how it impacts nearby environmentally sensitive sites, referred to as ‘Natura 2000’ . . . → Read More: NANT suggestions for your response to the consultation

Responding to the SCDC Consultation

The current consultation is quite technical in that it is specifically about the Appropriate Assessment and Sustainability Appraisal. The council has changed some words in the revised documents, but these changes do not of themselves change the underlying issue that NANT raised – namely that their assumptions about the impact of the Deben estuary sensitive . . . → Read More: Responding to the SCDC Consultation

Update on Full Council Meeting 27th July

Well the Full Council meeting took place on July 27th.   A vote (of sorts) took place.

Of the 55  elected councillors, 10 didn’t attend, 4 abstained, 14 voted against the “recommendation” and 27 voted in favour.  In other words, fewer than 50% voted in favour of the recommendation.  Here is Mr. Ridley’s presentation which . . . → Read More: Update on Full Council Meeting 27th July

Reminder – Special Full Council Meeting

A reminder that the Special Full Council  Meeting when the councillors are expected to vote on the LDF is this coming Wednesday 27th July at 9.30 am at The Suffolk Showground. Please try to attend The NANT steering group is continuing with the battle with SCDC and the shameful way in which they are managing . . . → Read More: Reminder – Special Full Council Meeting

Mr Ridley please note…

Despite letters from Richard Buxton, Waldringfield Parish Council, SWT et al.  Mr. Ridley Head of Planning of SCDC is  still convinced that there are no car parks available to the  general public in Waldringfield. In the spirit of providing a public service – we thought these photos of the car park at the Maybush . . . → Read More: Mr Ridley please note…

NANT Update June 2011

Suffolk Coastal has now published dates when the Core Strategy/LDF will be debated in cabinet and then at full council.Cabinet Meeting is on Friday July 8th and Full Council Meeting on Wednesday 27th July. Both will be held at the Suffolk Showground and will start at 9.30am. If you go to the SCDC website . . . → Read More: NANT Update June 2011

The Truth about the LDF Consultation Responses

SCDC have claimed 3.5% support for the Local Development Framework Core Strategy (LDF). This may or may not be accurate, but it is an overall figure that hides the truth: there is virtually no support for the general housing numbers or distribution, or the allocations in the East Ipswich Policy Area (EIPA) or Felixstowe.

. . . → Read More: The Truth about the LDF Consultation Responses

The site for 2,000 homes from the air

NANT invested in some professional aerial photography from .  The shots show how the urbanisation of Ipswich is encroaching upon the Deben and the abrupt change to a rural environment past the BT site.

The first shot shows the proposed site looking East towards the River Deben and Waldringfield. The population of around . . . → Read More: The site for 2,000 homes from the air

Update – objections shown by SCDC as "Comments"

The consultation period on SCDC’s proposed planning framework for the district ended on January 23rd.  Based on the Council’s own statistics, 1880 representations were received.  Of these, only 66, approx 3.5%, expressed support for the Council’s plans to allocate 2000 houses at Adastral Park, 1018 registered as objections.  Despite this level of opposition, certain . . . → Read More: Update – objections shown by SCDC as "Comments"

NANT planning objection to Foxburrow Farm Caravans

To: The Planning Inspectorate, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Temple Quay, Bristol, BS1 6PN 14 October 2010

Appeal Reference APP/J3530/A/10/2135196 NWF (appeal against refusal of planning permission)

Suffolk Coastal District Council Planning Application  C/10/0941 Change of use of agricultural land for storage of up to 200 caravans, Foxburrow Farm, Waldringfield Road, Brightwell, Suffolk

Dear Sir,

I am writing on behalf . . . → Read More: NANT planning objection to Foxburrow Farm Caravans

NANT posters and leaflets now on the website for you to print

Here’s the Protest poster if you wish to print and display it.

NANT leaflet

NANT poster