NANT Update January 2018

SCDC approve the Outline Planning Application for 2000 houses at Adastral Park

NANT supporters have, for a number of years, challenged the way in which Suffolk Coastal selected the site at Adastral Park for an allocation of 2000 houses, and in doing so, mirrored an outline planning application put forward by BT in 2009.

The High Court established that SCDC’s process of selecting the Adastral site was unlawful and by the time the matter reached the Court of Appeal the Council accepted that its “consultation” to double the number of houses on the site to 2000 was also unlawful.  However, the Courts found that the Council “saved” itself by carrying out a further consultation, which is said to have “cured” the earlier illegality.

During this legal process Suffolk Coastal was not able to determine, as had been its stated intention in 2012, the BT application and the developers who had been working with BT lost interest/pulled out.

The land at Adastral Park was subsequently sold and a new outline planning application put forward by Carlyle Land/CEG.

We are not surprised that Suffolk Coastal has mow approved this outline application, it was pretty much a forgone conclusion, but many aspects of the application are still to be agreed through ongoing applications via the Reserved Matters process.  We will continue to monitor and try to influence the ongoing details of this application as they come forward.

The positive that we can perhaps take from the current situation is that the long delay caused by the legal challenge has resulted in the absolutely awful application put forward by BT/David Lock being withdrawn.  We consider that  in many respects the Carlyle/CEG application is an improvement on the BT application.

Nonetheless we remain concerned over the impact that any development of 2000 houses at Adastral Park will have on the Deben Estuary Special Protection Area, the transport network, both the A12 and the local rural roads, plus the many other negative impacts that this scale of development will inevitably create.

We think that most people maintain the opinion that in identifying the Adastral Park site for 2000 houses, Suffolk Coastal made an appalling decision and the motivation of those pushing for that decision has never been satisfactorily understood.

Incidentally, at the Planning Committee meeting, cllr Smith was still advocating that there should be a number of 6/7 storey residential blocks included on the site.  He also, twice, invited the developer to come and speak to him separately regarding “his” plans to have large-scale development at Felixstowe.

We will post a further update with any news and in the meantime we wait for the ruling of the ECHR on the NANT legal challenge.

NANT Steering Group


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