Bad News 8th June 2013

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news and spoil your weekend – the Inspector has approved the Core Strategy – see here – there is an article in the EADT online – it is also in the actual paper click here..

Having read the report, albeit very swiftly, we are very disappointed that the Inspector, whilst giving a nod to some of the issues raised, has not gone far enough.

  • We do not agree that all “reasonable alternatives” have been examined in line with EU directives.
  • We do not believe that the mitigation measures are sufficient to prevent harm to the internationally protected sites of the Deben Estuary and the SSIs including Newbourne Springs and Martlesham Heath.
  • The Core Strategy in effect approves the development of the huge housing estate at BT – some 2000 houses, the entire allocation for the East of Ipswich Area – this site is within metres of the Deben Estuary AONB
  • A development of this magnitude will have devastating consequences on the estuary and once the damage has been done it can not be rectified.

We are currently speaking to our lawyers and taking advice on pursuing our legal challenge, if necessary to the European courts.

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