Extraordinary full council meeting May 20th

Since the most recent consultation period ended the Inspector wrote to SCDC seeking further comments in relation to the NANT response. SCDC has now replied – both letters can be viewed here. The letters will be found under the heading Latest Information, and are those dated 2nd May and 16th April. Here is the link to the NANT response regarding the SA .

It is our view that SCDC has still not addressed, amongst other issues, the legal errors in relation to the SEA. We are taking further legal advice on how to proceed.

In the meantime, SCDC has announced another “extraordinary full council meeting” to discuss the consultation responses. We use the word discuss loosely!

The meeting will be on Monday May 20th at 2pm – as yet they have not stated where, so we are assuming it will be at Melton Hill. Please try to attend if you can

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