Details of the council meeting 26th April 2012

Additional meeting to progress the LDF Core Strategy to independent examination.
Please note that venue is

The Kesgrave Conference Centre, Ropes Hall, Twelve Acre Approach, Kesgrave IP5 1JF.
All the details are now on Suffolk Coastal website – there is only 1 item on the agenda - a report on the progress of the LDF/Core Strategy. Here is a link to the agenda page

You can click on to the report headed “LDF update and next steps” to read the report – the section on the JR shows a misunderstanding of the legal process or perhaps is deliberately misleading.  There are a number of additional documents for the meeting including the  following.  Appendix C gives the list of all respondents – it is not in alphabetical order or submission order so is difficult to check.  It is interesting the those described as “developer” are at the top of the list whilst “pressure groups” are at the bottom . It is also interesting that they have put Suffolk Wildlife Trust into this category along with NANT and STAG.  Anyway, if you made a representation you might like to check that your name is included.

Appendix A CD ONLY – Pre-Submission Core Strategy & Development Management Policies, Full Schedule of Public Comments
Appendix B Pre-Submission Core Strategy & Development Management Policies, draft Regulation 22 Statement of Compliance (May 2012)
Appendix C Respondents to the Pre-Submission Core Strategy and Development Management Policies document


Appendix D Non-contentious Core Strategy policies


Appendix E Schedule of suggested minor changes
Appendix F Council resolution from minutes of the meeting on 15/12/11

One comment on “Details of the council meeting 26th April 2012

  1. Im afraid we ran across the same issue when residents protested overwhelmngly against the politically motivated installation of teenage falicities yards from people’s homes in Kesgrave- there is now evidence of late night rowdiness, abusive language, vandalism, alcohol use and even a condom was found in the local hedgerow, all of this next to a primary school- this was raised by residents at the time with the planning process but was ignored by councillors and planners most of whom probably dont live in the vicinity. We even held a democtratic town poll which was still ignored- great country to live eh?!
    So although I have every sympathy with you, the ‘democratic process’ ignored local residents and elected councillors

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