Responding to the SCDC Consultation

The current consultation is quite technical in that it is specifically about the Appropriate Assessment and Sustainability Appraisal. The council has changed some words in the revised documents, but these changes do not of themselves change the underlying issue that NANT raised – namely that their assumptions about the impact of the Deben estuary sensitive sites are flawed.  The notion that because the BT site is more than 1km from the Deben the visitor impact will be negligible and can be mitigated by diversionary green space is highly questionable, and as NANT said in its comments on the previous version,  the Dorset study that the AA quoted is not analogous to our situation.
Also it is worth pointing out that Natural England specifically said that it was important that diversionary green space should be available at the time the houses start to be occupied and not at some undefined later date.  However none of the documents say where and when suitable green space would be available. The housing land is specifically identified, but the green space is not.
We think it would also be worth reiterating your previous objections – so that the council are aware that the opposition still exists.
The closing date for objections and comment is 14 October. Last time unless respondents actually included the word “Objection” SCDC often classified the response as a comment.
Please Note: The documents involved in the consultation have been compared with the previous versions and the changes highlighted here. This will avoid having to compare them yourselves which would be tedious.

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