Update on Full Council Meeting 27th July

Well the Full Council meeting took place on July 27th.   A vote (of sorts) took place.

Of the 55  elected councillors, 10 didn’t attend, 4 abstained, 14 voted against the “recommendation” and 27 voted in favour.  In other words, fewer than 50% voted in favour of the recommendation.  Here is Mr. Ridley’s presentation which includes this “recommendation”.

Voting for LDF


As you can see, there are many issues to be resolved.  We are told that there will be another public consultation so please keep watching this website as well as the SCDC website for more information.

As we are receiving legal advice at the moment we won’t go into overmuch detail, but the following will give a flavour of the meeting.

  • At the beginning of the meeting we were told that several of the new councillors had not received a copy of the Core Strategy – (the matter on which they were meant to be voting) this was confirmed by a show of hands.
  • During the course of the meeting it became clear that several of the documents relied on in the meeting had not been made available to the councillors.
  • Many councillors raised concerns, in particular over the environmental issues and raised valid comments – very few, possibly two, other than Councillor Smith, spoke positively, but the best they could do was to say that Messers Ridley and Smith had spent a long time on producing the policy.
  • The councillors who spoke against the recommendation were the only ones who appeared to be engaged in the process, the body language and lack of comment from most of the others gave the impression that they were really bored and wanted to get the whole thing over with.

So where do we go from here?  It certainly isn’t over as far a NANT is concerned – as mentioned above, we are continuing to work with our solicitor and our QC.  We do not want to go to Judicial Review  – it is both a time and cash consuming process,  but given SCDC’s intransigence and/or incompetence, it is quickly becoming the most likely option. We are reassured that we are working with one of the leading Public Law solicitors and a leading planning QC and will therefore follow their advice.

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