The Truth about the LDF Consultation Responses

SCDC have claimed 3.5% support for the Local Development Framework Core Strategy (LDF). This may or may not be accurate, but it is an overall figure that hides the truth: there is virtually no support for the general housing numbers or distribution, or the allocations in the East Ipswich Policy Area (EIPA) or Felixstowe.

NANT have done an analysis of the consultation responses and found that out of a total of 1171 representations in the areas covered by our analysis, just 28 were in support, of which 16 were from organisations working on behalf of companies with a financial interest in supporting development on land they own. A further 4 were (in our opinion) not genuine support or very limited support for a specific aspect of the policy, or were duplicates. This leaves 8 (i.e. 0.68%) representations of genuine support from individuals or organisations with (apparently) no financial gain to be made from the outcome.

Note: policies which do not directly affect the general housing numbers/distribution, the EIPA or Felixstowe, such as SP24 (Leiston), and uncontroversial areas such as Development Control Policies were not considered.

We believe that even though the figure of 3.5% support is very small, it is in fact a misrepresentation of the true level of support for the housing strategy, which is closer to 0.7%. When combined with the widespread mis-categorisation of responses (many objections were categorised as neutral ‘comments’) this amounts to an attempt to conceal from SCDC’s cabinet the true extent of the opposition to the Core Strategy.

This spreadsheet “Support for Policies” shows how we arrived at these figures.

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