The site for 2,000 homes from the air

NANT invested in some professional aerial photography from .  The shots show how the urbanisation of Ipswich is encroaching upon the Deben and the abrupt change to a rural environment past the BT site.

The first shot shows the proposed site looking East towards the River Deben and Waldringfield. The population of around 4,800 will make a town roughly two thirds the size of Woodbridge.

The second shot shows the site from the River Deben looking over Waldringfield to the BT homes site just past the golf course and abutting the Moon and Sixpence. This is 88 metres from the AONB boundary and less than a mile from the River.

BT have more recently started to refer to the site as ‘damaged land’, apparently in an attempt offset NANT’s arguments about the quality of and future potential for that land.  Just to set the record straight here are some facts:-

  • It IS a greenfield site and much of it is productively farmed at present.
  • The planning consent for mineral extraction requires that the land be restored to farmland after mineral extraction.  Over the years this has already happened to some of the areas where extraction has been completed.
  • NANT said in its consultation responses that our preferred option for the future of that land was to restore it to coastal sandlings heathland.  We are pleased that Suffolk Coastal now agrees with us.  In August 2010 Suffolk Coastal’s head of planning has said  “Finally under scenario 2, the Distict Council would prefer to see the land restored to coastal sandlings heathland as recommended by Natural England in its letter 21st July 2010″. In January 2011 this opinion was repeated in SCDC’s submission to the Foxburrow Farm public enquiry.

One comment on “The site for 2,000 homes from the air

  1. Im sorry but the plans as shown above are an absolute disgrace and I stand in firm support of those who oppose them. It angers me greatly to hear our council leaders and the like bleating about lack of housing etc. Perhaps lack of housing isnt the problem but rather too many people. In this country we have a population double that of Canada which is forty times bigger! How much do we continue to develop? there will come a time when we will have to stop even if its a few hundred years down the line. You cannot have infinite growth with finite space and resources. It seems our leaders and representatives are willing to ravage every last aspect of our natural landscape despite it being the very foundation of our existence, all for profit. I hope beyond hope that the local population come out in force and oppose these plans.

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