Good News – Core Strategy put on hold

This press release from Suffolk Coastal says that the Special Council meeting to approve the LDF on March 9th 2011 is now postponed so that the objection made by Suffolk Wildlife Trust can be studied. The impending District Council elections in May 2011 will mean that the LDF (or RCS as Suffolk Coastal refer to the “Revised Core Strategy”) cannot now be approved until some time later in the year.

“…..under UK regulations based on the European Habitats Directive, we, and our colleagues at Ipswich whose Core Strategy is also affected, do now have to take time to consider the possible relevance of this study and the potential effects on habitats,” added Cllr Smith.

This directive is specifically targeted by the submission made by Richard Buxton, Environment and Public Law Solicitors on behalf of NANT  Buxton Representation to SCDC.

Here is the text of Suffolk Wildlife’s objection on the Council website as well as downloads of SWT’s original submission and survey report.

The implications of this delay are not yet fully understood but a delay seems better than an almost certain vote approving the LDF on March 9th. Nacton and Martlesham Councillors have opposed the LDF, perhaps May’s newly elected Councillors will also be sensitive to public opinion in the district.



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