Tell the Council your views.

The more people who respond the better!

NANT have produced a leaflet containing some suggestions. You can download a copy to print here. The full text follows.

Your District Council’s proposed Local Development Framework (LDF) strategy is to build a 2,000 house new town next to Adastral Park. They are currently consulting on the latest version of the LDF. Here are some suggestions for possible responses:

  • SCDC’s explanation of how the figure of 446 houses per year for the district was arrived at is confusing at best. It seems to be based on housing supply rather than actual need.
  • No attempt been made to find out the need for housing in the East Ipswich Plan Area
  • The figure of 2,000 houses next to Adastral Park is based on money and the discredited ‘we are putting houses next to jobs’ argument rather than actual need
  • Under the previous government SCDC said they regretted their inability to spread housing more evenly across the district. They can now do this, but the housing distribution has become more uneven, not less. Why?
  • 670 affordable homes will be located in one place – they should be spread out
  • The strategy is unlikely to deliver affordable housing where it is really needed – in the north of the district where average housing prices are higher and young local people cannot afford to live
  • It makes no sense to put 31% of the housing next to Adastral Park, where at most only about 17% of the new jobs would be located
  • Locating 2,000 houses at Adastral Park will have particularly negative impacts upon the Deben Estuary SPA/SSI/Ramsar Site
  • · SCDC have made no changes to their community involvement processes in response to the Localism Bill, which places great emphasis on community engagement
  • · The consultation process has been flawed – poor publicity, inadequate ‘drop-in’ sessions, no public meetings
  • · The handout was supposed to go to every household in the district – very few people have received it. It is confusing to have 2 consultations running concurrently
  • It is almost meaningless to ask people about housing numbers for the whole district rather than their local area (which would have made far more sense)
  • · The handout states that ‘larger developments’ are needed. This is not justified and is not the case

If you have commented on previous consultations, remember to say that those comments still stand (assuming they do!). If your comments have been ignored, say so.

Tell the Council your views. The more people who respond the better!

Consultation ends on Sunday, 23rd January

Ways of sending your response:

•         email your comments to:

•         write to:    Development Policy, Suffolk Coastal District Council, Council Offices, Melton Hill, Woodbridge IP12 1AU

•         Use the online system at SCDC’s website:>Your district>Planning policy>Local Development Framework>Online LDFconsultation

•         Handout: Cut out and send the form to the freepost address on the leaflet

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