LDF Public Consultation ending 23rd January 2011

  • What to do
  • Supporter’s meetings

What to do now?

For those of you who have been opposing for some time the allocation of 2000 houses to the BT site at Adastral Park, this may have the feeling of déja vu. It is about a year ago that the previous LDF was out to public consultation, attracting more than 1000 responses against the housing allocation to the BT site and yet the council still seem determined to drive it through.

We now have another opportunity to register our opposition to the LDF and we must do everything we can to ensure that this time, Suffolk Coastal takes account of the views of the local community.
This means letters/emails to the council from each and every one of our supporters – numbers do count in this process. Consultation ends on 23/01/11; letters must be received by this date.

We will be publishing advice on how to respond to the consultation together with some of NANT’s key objections. This will be available on the website from January 10th 2011.

Supporter’s Meetings

We are holding open meetings to update supporters and provide you with the information to challenge the LDF and help stop the BT plans. These will be held on:

Monday 10th January at 7.30pm at Waldringfield Village Hall and

Wednesday 12th January at 7.30pm at St Michaels Church Hall Martlesham Heath

Specialist advice

It is vital that we have access to the best possible expertise and specialist advice for this process. We have therefore engaged a leading firm of Planning Consultants to review SCDC’s documents and help us to construct a sound and effective response.

In addition, we are also receiving legal advice on several issues within the LDF.

So, many thanks for all your support in 2010. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and join us again in our activities which will resume on January 10th.


One comment on “LDF Public Consultation ending 23rd January 2011

  1. Dear sir/madam

    You have a home. I have a home. My younger family members (in their twenties) cannot hope to afford a home at current prices. Prices that will remain out of their reach for as long as demand is so much higher than supply.

    Why is it we should be entitled to own our own home and they (who are all on £30k+ salaries) should be forced to rent?

    I think you’re campaign is a selfish desire to keep our home values high. I’m sure you will disagree. If so, please name an alternate site for these much needed homes.



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