Responding to the LDF Consultation

We only have until January 23rd to respond to the consultation. The strategy is still for 2,000 houses to the south and east of Adastral Park. The case for putting 31% of the planned housing growth in the Ipswich Plan Area (ie around Martlesham including BT’s site) is by no means proven.

We want to make the public response as effective as possible which means submitting a well researched and reasoned document as well as a large scale show of public opposition to the scheme. NANT is seeking professional help to do this.

According to the SCDC website:

Also, advantage has been taken of the Government’s more locally based approach to introduce a new flexible policy allowing modest housing developments in villages, where there is local support for it and a clearly defined local need.

“Comments on any part of the Core Strategy, including those, will be welcome, so that we can make the best possible plan for the whole future of our district, and its communities,” added Cllr Smith.

The document’s original figures for future housing was based on the regional housing targets set under the last Government’s Regional Spatial Strategies, which for this district was 510.

The new Government has told all councils that the old regional targets for new homes (Regional Spatial Strategies) will be abolished and that each council should now decide how many new homes and jobs are needed in their area. The Government has also said that councils should comply with current national planning policies and priorities, and that they should help tackle the shortage of new homes.

“However, the High Court this month blocked the Government’s attempt to remove regional housing targets. The Government has since confirmed that it will officially abolish them through its new Localism Bill which should become law next year well before our Core Strategy is finally approved.

“In the meantime, it is important that we have an up to date agreement of our local need for new homes so that we can decide and control future housing development. We think that our proposed figure of 446 is the right balance at present between the full potential demand for new homes, economic uncertainties and the valued environment of our District – I look forward to hearing what our communities think,” added Cllr Smith.

In total what is being proposed is to plan for 7,590 new homes between now and 2027, but 2,330 are already planned for so space needs to be found for only a further 5,260.

“At this stage we are seeking agreement on the total numbers of new homes and the main areas they will be located. There will be further consultation about the exact location of where they could go, and of course any future planning applications would be subject to the normal full local consultation,” added Cllr Smith.

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Extract and links from SCDC planning website:

Core Strategy review and consultation - Since coming to power in May, the Government has implemented a raft of changes which impact on the planning system. In particular, they have told all councils that regional targets for new homes (Regional Spatial Strategies) will be abolished and that each council should now decide how many new homes and jobs are needed in their area.

There is therefore a need to review the interim Core Strategy document. The report below presented to Suffolk Coastal’s Cabinet on 2 November (new window) marks the beginning of this process.

Consultation on the Reviewed Core Strategy document is set to begin on 29 November 2010 and run for eight weeks.

Note that there is an update to the evidence base that may be significant:

Suffolk Coastal District Council Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) – Final version November 2010 (new window 4.70MB)

The SHLAA identifies a list of sites which may be suitable and available for housing development. The purpose of the study is to identify sites with potential for housing development. The study does not make any decisions about site allocations. These decisions will be made in the Council’s Site Allocations and Policies Development Plan Document and Area Action Plans. Any site identified with potential for housing development will also need to be assessed through the planning process. (May 2010 draft version available on request).

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