Petition delivered to Melton Hill

This afternoon, Friday 26th November a hardy band of NANT supporters gathered at Melton Hill  in freezing temperatures.
Janet Elliot and members of the NANT steering group supported by residents of Waldringfield and Martlesham Heath delivered the petition to Hilary Slater SCDC’s legal officer.

Click on the picture opposite to see the handover as video.

With 3,898 signatures the petition was quite bulky and was brought to Melton Hill in a NANT protest van.

The letter which accompanied the petition follows:-

Att of Mrs H Slater
Head of Legal & Democratic Services   Date 26/11/10

Dear Mrs Slater,

We are submitting the enclosed petition.  The petition has been organised by the amenity community group NANT (No Adastral New Town).  The petition has a total of 3898 signatures. The petition is a statement against the allocation of housing development to the area adjacent to Adastral Park, Martlesham Heath.  It states:

“We, the undersigned, are against the building of a new town on the land adjacent to BT Adastral Park, Martlesham Heath, Suffolk”.

“We wish Suffolk Coastal District Council to reject the BT planning application and to fully examine alternative housing strategies for the District.”

The petition is in response to the SCDC’s housing strategy which will of course be a major consideration in the forthcoming Local Development Framework review and will affect the district for decades to come.  However the site specific nature of the council’s development strategy inevitably means that the petition also makes reference to the BT planning application.

As the petition has more than 1200 signatures we wish the petition to trigger a debate on the issue in Full Council.  We request that SCDC put the item on the agenda for debate at the next Full Council meeting.  This request specifically relates to the LDF Core strategy, not BT’s Outline Planning Application, which we realise would be barred from such a debate.  We wish to exercise our right to speak at the council meeting.  However, as the petition has 3898 signatures, considerably more than the trigger point, we request you to increase the time to speak to a minimum of 20 minutes.

Both the Government and SCDC place great importance on involving local people and grassroots organisations in the decision making process.  We very much hope that all SCDC Councillors and planning officers will take account of this and respond to the strength of feeling of local people about this issue when making important decisions about housing in the district, in the context of both the LDF Core Strategy and the BT planning application

Yours sincerely

Mrs J Elliot

On behalf of the officers and steering group members of NANT and the 3898 signatories

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