NANT Update- SCDC LDF consultation dates

Suffolk Coastal has just announced a further round of consultation which will run from 29 November to 23 January.

In the light of the new government’s emerging planning policies SCDC has announced that they have revised some aspect of the LDF (including reducing the total number of houses required in the whole District over the 15 year plan period by around 960).  We have no information yet what the details are, what’s in the consultation document or where the reductions are proposed.  We do urge people to comment when it is published.  We think that the Council has shown a remarkable lack of sensitivity in allowing only 8 weeks for this major consultation especially when this period includes Christmas and the New Year.  We would not be surprised if people made their views know on this.  There are Council elections in May and the coalition government’s new Localism bill will be published soon, which we expect will give local communities more say on what is developed in their area.
The NANT website will be regularly updated as to what’s going on.

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