Suffolk Coastline Magazine – Issue 45 autumn/winter 2010

Many of you will have received the latest Coastline newsletter from SCDC, and seen the front page article Help us agree how many homes are needed ” which went on to announce yet another round of public consultation.
Some members of the NANT committee observed the Cabinet meeting on 2 November where the Cabinet passed the following resolution with regards to the Local Development framework:-
That the Head of Planning Services, in consultation with the Leader of the Council and the Cabinet Member with responsibility for Planning, be authorised to commence a programme of formal consultation on a revised draft Core Strategy as soon as possible.

The minutes of that meeting can be downloaded here.  See page 37 for the item relating to the LDF.
There was a considerable lack of clarity at that meeting about what exactly the Council planned to do in terms of consultation and we have raised this and other issues with the Council (including with the Chief Executive) and with Therese Coffee (MP for Suffolk Coastal). As soon as we have more information we will publish it on this website.
Meanwhile please bear in mind that the term used by the Council “Help us agree how many homes are needed is a considerable oversimplification of the situation.  What NANT has been consistently saying is that the Council should review not just how many homes are needed, but also WHERE those houses are needed.  Before the coalition government came into power SCDC blamed the Labour government’s policy for preventing them from allocating houses to where they are really needed.  They now have the freedom to do just that.

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