BT plan Wind Farm next to homes in Clare, Suffolk

Another beauty spot is treated to the attentions of BT. Locals have set up a Facebook campaign and there has been coverage from the East Anglian (BT are certainly keeping them busy with stories and, we hope, selling papers). The residents’ comments at the end of the article are well worth a browse.

Here is the article:

One comment on “BT plan Wind Farm next to homes in Clare, Suffolk

  1. Many are quick to defend AONBs, bird paths, Freeview reception when the truth is quite selfish – house prices. Most are clueless about the huge issues the UK faces with energy generation. Most will not complain about roads, traffic noise and pollution or electricity pylons who are quick to unite against wind turbines. The media are especially irresponsible with its biased reporting; only interested in selling news.

    I suggest the public grow up and get a grip of the real situation we all face. If we want growth and more gadgets, we need more energy that is sustainable. Wind turbines are part of the solution. The alternative is for everyone to cut their energy consumption by 75 per sent or more over the next 5 years.

    You can’t have your cake and eat it.

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