Protest March in Woodbridge – reminder

NOV 6TH 10.45am  in carpark behind swimming pool

Just to remind you that the march is this weekend – new placards will be there for you – bring whistles, bagpipes or anything else you fancy.  Same request as before, don’t bring things that will make litter.

You do need to bring your voice though – suggestions for chants would be welcome (via email please) but I reserve the right to veto!

Once again, the whole event is planned to be a friendly and peaceful occasion.  I think everyone who attended the first march had a great time – we made a huge impact the last time and this one is, if anything, is even more important.  We need to maintain our credibility so lets make this an even bigger and better event and show the council that our support is even stronger.  The media are expecting big numbers so lets not disappoint them!!!!

The march is very timely –

At the cabinet meeting last night it was agreed that the LDF (the planning framework) would be reviewed. This is being undertaken with enormous haste – they plan to go to consultation by the end of November with a view of presenting back to cabinet by the beginning of February.  I suspect they are hoping that we will all be too full of Xmas cheer and holidays to be worried about reading pages of consultation documents and sending letters to SCDC.  However, there were a few more dissenting voices at the cabinet meeting and a couple of nods to the “need to consult the public” and so maybe our actions are beginning to bear fruit…..

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