Inspector rejects proposals for greenfield site despite inadequate housing land.

An inspector has rejected housing proposals for a greenfield site in Northamptonshire despite finding that the area lacks an adequate supply of housing land.

An interim policy document focused on the means by which a shortage of housing land in the area could be remedied. The appeal site lay adjacent to a settlement considered reasonably capable of supporting new homes and forming part of a wider sub-area with its own housing targets, involving land in an adjoining authority’s areas. Despite this favourable conclusion, the inspector decided that the scheme would involve an anomalous protrusion beyond the existing built form into open countryside. The rising nature of the land would emphasise the scheme’s size and scale and preclude its successful integration with the village envelope, he held. The council’s interim policy only supported village extensions if their visual impact was acceptable and the development would not establish firm and defensible boundaries, he concluded. Read the article here.

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