SCDC launches consultation on a new draft LDF

Suffolk Coastal District Council has just published a report, to be considered by its Cabinet on 2nd November 2010, which sets out a suggested programme of action for updating the LDF as a result of changes in Government planning policy. They are proposing to publish a revised draft LDF Core Strategy and supporting documentation, probably very soon, which will be followed by 8 weeks of consultation including: town and parish councils; web based public consultation and, if possible, a statistically sound opinion survey. Once that has been completed, the revised draft will be considered by the Council’s Scrutiny Committee, then a special Cabinet meeting and finally by full Council. Their predicted date for completing this stage is March 2011. Once the Council has their agreed version, they will then process it through to the inspection stage, which is likely to take until early 2012.

Members of the NANT steering group will be observing the Cabinet meeting on 2nd November. We are not seeking a massive turnout since the report concerns the process rather than the content of the revised LDF, which is not yet in the public domain. However, if anyone else would like to come and hear what’s said, we’ll see you there. More importantly, we need everyone to register their views once the consultation process commences. We’ll keep you posted.

No date has yet been published for determining the BT outline planning application, but we gather this is not likely to occur until some time in the new year (2011). We don’t see how the Council can consider this while their Core Strategy is under review and, we would argue, not until any new draft LDF has completed the inspection stage which tests its soundness.

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