Protest march in Woodbridge on November 6th

We will be meeting at the back of the swimming pool at 10.45am for an 11am start.  We are aiming to have at least 350 marchers so please pass on the details of the march to as many people as possible.  We will be printing notices to advertise the march.  We would like to get as much advance publicity as possible and the posters in strategic places will be the main means of doing this.  So we need your support to put on fences/grass verges etc.  Please use the Poster Order Form let me know how many you can take. You may print your own for display in a window if you wish november march notice (please don’t put outside as even with home laminating the ink runs).

Also we had our first free standing info stand in Woodbridge on Saturday.  They collected more than 100 signatures between 10.30am and 1pm.  I think this shows how many more people there are who still aren’t aware of the development, and when they find out, are more than willing to show their opposition by signing the petition. The number of signatures are limited only by the number of volunteers, if we had more people to man the stands we could get even more signatures – please email me to let me know if you can spare a couple of hours on the next few Saturdays.

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