Letter to EADT – BT site & the environment


It would be interesting to know just how much time, money and carbon emissions from travel have been expended in setting up all the wildlife and environmental protection zones declared by governments internationally, nationally and locally.  However as one branch of an organisation is doing this very well worthwhile task other branches of those organisations often appear to be disregarding said agreements.

I refer to SCDC having stated that they are minded to allow 2000, or possibly more, homes on the land owned by BT at Martlesham and Brightwell. The houses would be just 1km from the River Deben AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) and SPA (Special Protection Area). The river is also a Ramsar site (an internationally recognised wetland). Within a short distance is Newbourne Carr a SWT (Suffolk Wildlife Trust) Reserve, an SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) and within the quarry in the middle of the land is a Geological SSSI. Recently a butterfly species which is on the BAP (Biodiversity Action Plan) Red List, has been found on the proposed housing site too.

SCDC talk about “mitigation measures”, but the negative impact of such a high density population on the adjoining environmentally sensitive areas is, in my view, inevitable. Surely amongst all the legislation represented by the acronyms listed above, there must be full protection for such an important and vulnerable place.

Anne Maddison,



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