Another 700 houses, how big will the New Town become?

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Woodland near the BT site has just gone on the market with Savills. The 118 acres is advertised as  having possible development angles.Presumably this means building houses so assuming a similar density to that proposed on the BT site there could be another 700 (1). Don’t forget that Bloor Homes have proposed 281 near the Black Tiles.

Taking the three possible developments together means 2000 + 280 + 700 = 2980. Also be aware that when BT responded to the 2031 Regional Spatial Strategy they said that a total of 3500 could be built on their site, i.e. an additional 1500, and that there was room for more nearby. This could mean 2000+1500+280+700=4480.

For comparison on the 2006 figures Woodbridge had 3791 houses. Other nearby settlement sizes are here.

1.The BT site less employment is about 136 hectares =336 acres therefore 118 acres equates to 2000/336*118 = about 700 houses.

This map attempts to show the local area which that is under threat from Suffolk Coastal’s Local Development Framework. This includes the BT site, the Bloor site, the Walk Farm Woodland and the other parcels of land. To the right of the yellow line is the AONB.  It is possible to zoom in/out and to see details in the sidebar of the coloured areas of land if you view NANT Map of affected area in a larger map. Suggestions or corrections are welcome.

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