Martlesham Parish Council Planning meeting -Bloors application 9 September 2010.

Steve Brown and Martin Price from SCDC attended. The earliest date for going to Development  Control Committee was said to be November. Advice was given as to how the application might be considered relative to the saved policies which include:-

General policy of restraint
Villages should not have estates
Countryside should be protected
Open spaces between settlements should be protected.

Interestingly the SCDC representatives distinguished between old Martlesham being a village and Martlesham Heath which is not.  SCDC themselves have in the past claimed the praise for Martlesham Heath being a rare example of a successful modern village.

Steve Brown of SCDC made the point that they are coming close to being below the target of having 5 years’ supply of available land (ie land ready to start building on) based upon the now defunct RSS. To look at it another way, even without the BT land (and in a recession where house building has slowed down), they still have enough land to meet the inflated RSS figures – so they don’t really need to act in haste in determining the BT application (other than because of the risk of BT seeking a judicial review for non determination).

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