Letter to EADT from Waldringfield resident – "Disastral Park!"

Huge Housing Scheme will be Environmental Disaster


referring to Malcolm Crawford’s letter (EADT, August 28) there is surely a simple explanation for councillor Smith’s unsound reasoning over the highly dubious Local Development Framework.

  • It was drawn up in the days of the previous government as seemingly the most convenient way of conforming with that government’s policies.
  • In general, that government was renowned for nest-lining and overspend with scant regard for the views of its people, for previously designated scientific sites, areas of outstanding natural beauty or for environmental issues.
  • Two thousand new homes would have been a mere starting point. Now we have a coalition government with vastly different expressed policies.
  • A review of the LDF and/or the Adastral plans by a government minister with any sense is likely to result in them being turned down for a multiplicity of reasons.

Many of these have been rehearsed already in the applications referred to by Joseph Clark (EADT, August 28). If, by any chance, the LDF and the Adastral Park proposals were to be given the green light, then I suggest the name of Disastral Park, in anticipation of the enabling overspends and the environmental disasters which are likely to ensue.



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