Letter to EADT from Waldringfield History Group

23rd August 2010

To The Editor, East Anglian Daily Times. 30, Lower Brook Street, lpswich. IP4 lAN

Dear Sir,


Edmund Orwell, writing ‘Times Past’ EADT 20th. April 1978 and having received some old postcards from Mr. F. H. Spurgeon formerly the baker and shop keeper at Waldringfield, came to the conclusion that:­

“Despite some Ipswich monstrosities of recent years, Suffolk has suffered comparatively little when compared with other parts of the country. I can think of where erstwhile lovely villages have changed out of all recognition – and not all for the better.”

Why then, some 32 years later, are Suffolk Coastal District Council and British Telecom determined to destroy Waldringfield, which lies within the AONB? If they bothered to read the conclusions of the Inspector, who turned down the application for the log cabin/holiday homes, opposite the BT site, they would surely turn down the application for Adastral New Town.

Yours faithfully,

Joseph Clark

Waldringfield History Group.

P. S. If you print this letter you might want to add Mr. Spurgeon’s Odd Ode of Waldringfield.

A silvery moon. a fluttering breeze

Which stirred the branches of the trees.

All was still, no sound was heard,

Save the plaintive call of a riverside bird.

The ships rocked gently as the wind grew stronger

Their shadows on the waves grew longer.

But all was safe in that bay concealed

And peace reigned over Waldringfield.

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