Personal invitation to a special NANT event

On Saturday 7th August at Martlesham Heath Pavilion

This message is to all NANT supporters who have previously offered help or are willing to do so now (see details of the event at the bottom of this message)

At our recent public meeting, a number of new people offered to join the NANT steering committee, which is now busy planning the campaign for the next stages. There are many tasks and activities to be undertaken, many of which require no particular skills (although we do need a few people with certain technical expertise). To help make the campaign as effective as possible, we are creating seven task groups or teams, each responsible for a particular type of activity. By sharing the work between a large number of people, we can share the load and mobilise more people when needed to make our voice heard by the decision makers.

You may have been present at Council meetings when Councillor Andy Smith stated that building 2000 new houses near Adastral Park will help to keep house prices in the area down. If you are a house owner affected by the new development, that means the value of your house could go down! The increased traffic on the A12 will affect us all. The increased population near the AONB and along the Deben Estuary will affect the natural environment and if they build new infrastructure as planned (e.g. new secondary school, medical facilities, increased energy plant, etc.), what is to dissuade them from putting even more houses in this location? Our rural greenfield landscape will eventually become an urban environment.

We don’t know if we can stop this development, but we’re trying. Please offer your help to NANT by joining one of our task groups. You can do this at the special event below, where you can also find out more about what each group will be doing.


Here is the invitation. Please pass it on.

Workshop invitation

Workshop invitation as a pdf for printing.

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