Our Core proposition is

  • That the LDF Core Strategy should be designed to deliver what is best for the District as whole in the long term, not what is easiest for the Council in the short term
  • That the LDF will result in the further decline of the rural community
  • That the LDF should not be developer led
  • That the consultation process has been flawed at several stages
  • That the last round of consultation(which was focussed solely on the change in allocations) has failed to address the concerns of residents and there was never any chance that it would result in the allocations of 2000 homes at Adastral Park being revised – in effect it was a box ticking excercise

We call  upon the Council (when it meets on 18th March) to agree to reject the Core Strategy, because it is so obviously the wrong strategy for the district. If the Council feels unable to do so, then they shoulld consider:

1)    delaying a decision until the political landscape has become clear; this would be consistent with the spirit of Cabinet resolution C iii) and the CL 03/10 recommendation 5.1 (iii), which states:

  • In the event of a change in national planning policy and/or regional planning policy relevant to, and significant for, the substantive issues in the Council’s Core Strategy (as referred to in resolution i) above), that the stages towards the adoption of the Core Strategy be progressed no further pending a review by the Cabinet of the implications of the changes to government policy on the Core Strategy, and the consideration of the Cabinet’s review by the full Council.

2)        amending the CL 03/10 recommendation 5.1 (ii), which states:

  • Adopt the Policies as interim planning policy for the determining of planning applications and enforcement;

This  should not apply to substantial developments with a significant cumulative effect. Therefore this recommendation should be extended to make it clear that the Council should not prematurely determine major planning applications on the basis of the LDF Core Strategy, prior to adoption, i.e. until after the Inspector’s finding has been published.  We ask the Council to remember that the 2,000 houses proposed for the BT site are twice what is required by the present government’s RSS targets and under a Conservative government the RSS targets would be abolished.

These two measures together would prevent the Council being burdened with a Core Strategy that is not in the best interests of the District, and give it much more flexibility to adjust housing volumes in the light of any substantial change in government policy.

What can you do?

  1. Please try to attend the forthcoming full Council meeting – see the Home page for details.  It is important that the Council understands the amount of opposition to their plans
  2. Leave comments on the Comments page.
  3. Write to the Council and express your views
  4. Get in touch with NANT if you have useful skills – eg transport planning,  website design, publicity/PR, town planning, environmental specialisms etc
  5. Get in touch with our parliamentary candidates to see what their party’s policy will be.  Remember it was a labour government that set national targets, but a Conservative Council which decided where it would like to put them.
  6. Be prepared to help if we need to raise funds for legal advice and representation at the Inspection stage.
  7. Make your views known to the local papers

Don’t bother writing to our Euro MP – we tried but got no reply from him.

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