Outcome of SCDC full Council meeting

The outcome of tonight’s meeting of the full Council was that the recommendations from Cabinet were approved:- ie

  1. Agrees that the Core Strategy as set out in Appendix 1 to the report be submitted for examination by an independent inspector subject to completing all relevant processes and procedures;
  2. Adopt the Policies as interim planning policy for the determining of planning applications and enforcement
  3. In the event of a change in national planning policy and/or regional planning policy relevant to, and significant for, the substantive issues in the Council’s Core Strategy (as referred to in resolution i) above), that the stages towards the adoption of the Core Strategy be progressed no further pending a review by the Cabinet of the implications of the changes to government policy on the Core Strategy, and the consideration of the Cabinet’s review by the full Council.

The voting was 30 for, 10 against and 2 abstentions.  About eight Councillors were not present at the vote.

There was a lot of discussion about 2) above. Councillor Kelso proposed an amendment to 2) such that it would apply only to small developments but this was rejected in a vote (by 28 to 15 votes)  This means that prior to the LDF being approved by the Inspector and formally adopted by the Council, BT’s planning application can be determined by the Council against the LDF (with which it happens to line up exactly).  More information will posted in the  next few days.

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