SCDC Cabinet Meeting has been changed to 24th February

The Cabinet Meeting has been changed to 24th February – see above.  New documents concerning BT’s planning application have been put on the SCDC website and the closing date for consultation is 25th February. We hope you find time to read at least some of the documents and respond to SCDC.  Please cc us if you find anything interesting or worrying – The documents and information on how to respond are on  the SCDC WEBSITE.  The covering letter from BT’s consultants to SCDC Covering-Letter-from-David-Lock-to-SCDC which outlines the scope of the documents can be downloaded here -  Finally we’ve heard that the Corporate Services Scrutiny Committee has decided to examine the planning department at SCDC.  A working group has been established to take soundings from Councillors and Parish councils. Having done that, the working group will report back to the main committee, which will then decide how the scrutiny will proceed. We’ll keep you posted.

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