SCDC Scrutiny Committee continuation

The Scrutiny Committee continuation meeting finished at 5.30 pm today having started at 10am !  The most interesting part was the last 20 minutes when the Committee seemed to decide that they would recommend to Cabinet that the responses to the last round of consultation should be considered at an (extra?) LDF Task Group meeting so that the 1000+ responses  could be reviewed.  They felt that the Cabinet meeting on 10 February would not have time to give the responses due consideration.  We are not currently sure what this means in practice.  In addition, there seemed to be confusion about whether or not the Scrutiny Committee itself had been able to take the consultation responses into account;  the Committee members said they thought this was outside their terms of reference, whereas the Council’s Strategic Director said that they could have taken this into account.  This seems to be a significant mis-communication.  More information will be posted soon.  IT IS CLEAR THAT OUR COLLECTIVE RESPONSES HAVE HAD SOME EFFECT  -  SO PLEASE TRY TO GET TO THE MEETING ON 24th FEBRUARY.  Also please check this site regularly in case yet another meeting is scheduled at short notice.   Thanks to all those who attended today and braved the cold room.

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