Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment Draft Report

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment Draft Report, Suffolk Coastal District Council, May 2010

We have this available in Word Format if required.

EADT 24th July – Councillor sacked for ‘being honest’

See EADT article about Cllr. Sherrie Green

“The regional spatial strategy has been overturned and in line with what we stated at the vote I think we need to be honest with local people and actually stop this LDF and go back to the drawing board.

To not do this makes us appear disingenuous…this . . . → Read More: EADT 24th July – Councillor sacked for ‘being honest’

Personal invitation to a special NANT event

On Saturday 7th August at Martlesham Heath Pavilion

This message is to all NANT supporters who have previously offered help or are willing to do so now (see details of the event at the bottom of this message)

At our recent public meeting, a number of new people offered to join the NANT steering committee, which is now busy planning the campaign for the next stages. There are many tasks and activities to be undertaken, many of which require no particular skills (although we do need a few people with certain technical expertise). To help make the campaign as effective as possible, we are creating seven task groups or teams, each responsible for a particular type of activity. By sharing the work between a large number of people, we can share the load and mobilise more people when needed to make our voice heard by the decision makers. Continue reading

Harry Pynn's Facebook site

Another local Facebook Campaign. These all need cross linking.

Holly Nicholls' Facebook Site

A facebook group up to get a petition together for stopping the adastral new town , please join and share your views. i intend to show this to the council once we have enough people together. This had 185 members at the time of posting.

Stop Stansted Expansion website

This is the Stop Stansted Exapansion website. Worth a look. They have a Paypal button for contributions.

Save Elsenham & Henham Villages

Save Elsenham & Henham Villages

Another campaign to stop a 3000 home ECO “Village”. Worth browsing for how they are running their campaign. See their website here.


EADT article – Bottom Up targets not Top Down

This article quotes Guy McGregor talking about what the County Council wants to do in terms of housing planning in the light of the new government’s policies. Basically he says the targets should be determined bottom-up, not top down and that they need to get feedback “from those on the ground” . He does however says that he . . . → Read More: EADT article – Bottom Up targets not Top Down

Coastline Magazine – New Planning Policies

Many people will have received the Summer 2010 edition of the Council’s Newsletter (ironically the strapline on every page is “Where Quality of Life Counts” !). The article says that the Council has told planners and developers that the policies contained in the Core Strategy should now be used to assess most new planning applications.

Councillor Smith is . . . → Read More: Coastline Magazine – New Planning Policies

EADT – Campaign urges end to 2,000-home plans

EADT coverage of coverage of NANT public meeting on 29 June 

No Adastral New Town (NANT) is urging council chiefs to scrap plans to develop land around BT’s research laboratories and examine again the housing needs for the district….Read More