Inspector suspends the examination of SCDC’s core strategy

As you know, the independent inspector made the unusual decision to hold an exploratory meeting ahead of the pre examination in public meeting on July 12th. This was because following his initial review of the Core Strategy the inspector had identified several “significant concerns”.  These included the lack of quantifiable evidence to support the . . . → Read More: Inspector suspends the examination of SCDC’s core strategy

Website hosting problems.

Regular visitors may have noticed that there have been some problems with availability over the last week. We are advised by our hosting service that this is due to a “Deliberate Denial of Service” attack on our site and that our account has been suspended.

We will change to a different service provider but . . . → Read More: Website hosting problems.

Professional representations for NANT to the Council

The downloads are not available at present. Email us if you need them. Here are copies of the representations made to Suffolk Coastal on the LDF consultation by NANT’s advisors on our behalf.  The first is from Richard Buxton, Environment and Public Law Solicitors (Buxton Representation to SCDC for NANT on LDF2 ) and . . . → Read More: Professional representations for NANT to the Council

Telegraph – EU India trade deal..thousands of immigrants

This article is relevant to the BT site given the large number of non European Economic Area people already working on site.

Letter to the EADT from a Waldringfield resident

From Neil Winship of Waldringfield to the East Anglian Daily Times


Naturally BT wants the windfall capital gain that will come from getting planning permission for development of land it inherited via the RAF and GPO.   It is also understandable that planners advise an Adastral New Town of 2,000 or maybe even 3,500 new . . . → Read More: Letter to the EADT from a Waldringfield resident

Display arranged by Bloor Homes

Public Notice in the Evening star about a display arranged by Bloor Homes on 7 April between 3pm and 7pm at the Martlesham Community Centre regarding development proposals for land between Main Road and Felixstowe Road, Martlesham.

Meeting at St Michael's 3rd Nov

At least 170 people mainly from Martlesham Heath and Waldringfield attended. Slides are/will be posted on the Materials page. Click heading for more

This meeting was set up by a recently-formed local coalition named NANT (NoAdastralNewTown). Approx. 180 people attended from Martlesham & Waldringfield & other local communities, & from Ipswich, of which 171 completed a form prepared by the small NANT working group which recorded basic personal details.IMG_0076 All who completed it asked on the form to be kept informed of progress. Of these, 22 people (13%) offered help (unspecified) to the group. Plans & diagrams of SCDC’s LDF proposal on local housing development & the associated formal procedure had been prepared in advance by members of the working group & were exhibited in poster form in the hall. The first half of the meeting (A) was a spoken presentation by members of the group summarising & adumbrating these poster details & the work of NANT. Then the meeting was open for general questioning & discussion (B) & closed by the NANT Chair’s summary. Continue reading

Our Core proposition is

That the LDF Core Strategy should be designed to deliver what is best for the District as whole in the long term, not what is easiest for the Council in the short term That the LDF will result in the further decline of the rural community That the LDF should not be developer . . . → Read More: Our Core proposition is